Wood4Good is a Chittenden County Wood Bank committed to reducing heat insecurity for families in our state. We value our community and the people who live here, and are committed to helping as many people as possible stay warm in the cold winter months.

Everyone Deserves a warm home.

In 2019, Eric Axelrod and his two young sons, Devin and Logan, discovered they had more firewood than they needed and decided to give it to members of their community who needed it. After making a delivery to a particularly grateful neighbor, Devin told his father, I want to do wood for good every day.

Since the inception of this idea, Wood4Good has grown into a fledgling non-profit with the generous support of local businesses, community members, and volunteers. This past winter, Wood4Good was able to deliver 75 cords of firewood to families and individuals in need.  It is our hope to continue to grow and expand our reach.

Wood4Good and the Axelrod family believe strongly in the value of building community, giving back, and the joy that comes from working hard to help others. We hope you also see the value in the mission of this organization, and join us in creating a little more warmth in Vermont.

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