Mobilizing 4 Good

Mobilizing 4 Good $150,000 Drive!

The Wood4Good concept and volunteer spirit has never been stronger. Yet without the right equipment to get wood to the people who need it, we can’t fully “deliver” on our mission.

Our main delivery dump truck, vital for delivering firewood to those in need, is more than 15 years old and has been broken down for over half of this year’s delivery season. That means we haven’t been able to deliver the wood we have harvested to the many Chittenden County families counting on us.

We have the supply. We have the demand. We just need better equipment to match the two together.

To truly “mobilize” our mission to combat heat insecurity, Wood4Good is launching a Mobilizing for Good campaign to raise $150,000 this winter to purchase a reliable truck, as well as an excavator.  An excavator will enhance our efficiency by processing wood and loading trucks more quickly. A new and reliable truck means no down time as we deliver on our mission. 

Bottom line: This new equipment means we will be able to more consistently get warmth to the families who need us.

This campaign is vital to help make us a truly sustainable organization. Thank you for joining us and helping Wood4Good accomplish our goals and continue to warm our community

Thank you to The Waterwheel Foundation for generously matching $25,000 to support the Mobilizing 4 Good project!